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Welcome to the CSI Indicator database

The CIVICUS Civil Society Index (CSI) is a participatory needs assessment and action planning tool for civil society around the world, with the aim of creating a knowledge base and momentum for civil society strengthening initiatives. The CSI most recent phase 2003 - 2006 covered over 50 countries worldwide and is arguably the most encompassing picture of civil society ever produced. In order to facilitate access to the CSI data from around the world, CIVICUS has created this searchable online database. The database allows users to create personal accounts to access and search the CSI data and diamond in all countries that have completed and published the CSI results.

The state of civil society in their national context are assessed along four basic dimensions using a structured methodology.

  • The structure of civil society.
  • The external environment in which civil society exists and functions.
  • The values practiced and promoted in the civil society arena.
  • The impact of activities pursued by civil society actors.

These four dimensions can be represented graphically as the Civil Society Diamond. Register or login to view the country specific diamonds as well as related information. To read more about CSI in general and some of the other work we do, click here.

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